Rengasdengklok neurontin 300 mg November 16-17, 2012 | Vinelife Church in Boulder, CO

Friends!  If you are in town next weekend, please consider coming to the Resound Conference.

Resound has been a centerpiece of my personal journey for the last four years.  This is not only because I’m part of the team that hosts the event, but it really is an unreal experience to gather with friends, family, worshippers, and creatives for the purpose of seeking God & building friendships.  There will be several hundred people from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, & more.  Here’s a few other reasons you should consider being there…

  • Jeremy Riddle writes some amazing music and deeply encouraged my heart during a short interview with him last week.
  • Chad Johnson from Come&Live! has become a dear friend and has one of the most moving stories I’ve heard in some time.  The film of their trip to New Zealand blew my mind.
  • Robin Pasley has been a blessing to Megan and I and has brought so many people into a place of healing in their relationship with the Father.
  • Loud Harp & Aaron Strumpel will be there.  Shhh….you’re the first to know.
  • Ascend the Hill turned down a MAJOR event across the states to be at Resound because they are just that awesome.
  • Kye Kye are brothers and sisters from Estonia.  That’s all you need to know.
  • Jonathan David & Melissa Helser host one of the most amazing creative schools that I’ve heard of.
  • Jason Roberson & the Resound Collective are gonna throw down some new songs with new players.


Also, I’m excited to have the privilege of speaking at one of the main sessions for this year’s gathering. And yes, that is my voice on this video. Is it epic or cheesy? Don’t hate.

Watch the video, and join us if you can. Get info and register at

Bảo Lộc Will you be there?