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One of the most revolutionary things Jesus did was reveal God as “Father”.  Where it would have seemed more appropriate to reveal God as a CEO or cosmic ruler, Jesus made sure to eliminate any possibility in our minds that God is distant from us. In fact, not only is He closer than we thought, but He cares for us just as any good father cares for his children. Though obedience is important, no good father demands a life time of compliance.  Good fathers pay attention to the desires, dreams, and joys in the hearts of their kids.

Orange RosesSeveral weeks ago, the family and I were in the car on the way to have dinner with our good friends, Nick & Jackie. While we were driving, an idea surfaced in my son’s three year old brain. In a moment of silence, he chimed in from his car seat in the back, “Can we bring Jackie flowers?” At first, Megan and I looked at each other confused. Then after realizing what he said, we chuckled and and commented at how impossibly cute Noah had become.

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Periods of Rest

December 28, 2012 — Leave a comment


As I’ve been doing my best to enjoy time with my family and time off during the holiday season, I haven’t been posting or writing as much this week. The time off has been good for my soul and I always underestimate how much rest I really need.

Reminds me of how music is not defined just by the notes, but the rests between the notes.  The rhythm and space is what makes music beautiful.  I’m doing my best to find good rhythms for own life, too.

I can’t wait to launch into 2013, and there are a ton of great things coming, but for now, it’s time to hang out for a bit.  As Ovid said “What is without periods of rest will not endure.”

Thanks to everyone has been reading along since November.  Your encouragement has been HUGE for me!

Super Nintendo

I’ll never forget it. It was the Christmas of 92’. My brother and I unwrapped a mysterious rectangular box to find the one gift we thought we’d never get – a brand spanking new SNES (That’s a Super Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you who are out of touch. {hipster}).

For months, my dad would voice his frustration with us because we wouldn’t stop playing our friends’ Nintendos. We were addicted and we knew Dad didn’t like it. That’s what made the gift so impossible, so other worldy, so unexpected. The very thing he was railing on for months was the gift he gave to us on Christmas morning.

That’s a good dad.

The unwrapping was followed with an explosion of laughs, jumps, hugs, and sloppy high-fives.

It was the Best. Present. Ever.

What is your most memorable Christmas gift of all time and Why? Leave a comment.

Life With God Is Not Safe

November 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

When I was a kid, I went down a toboggan ride with my dad and brother. I remember it clearly. We were in northern Indiana at Pokagon State Park. The air was cold, and this ramp was high and terrifying. I was shaking nervously in my snow pants as I climbed the ladder to the top of this ramp.

Toboggan Ride

[Photo by bill_comstock, Creative Commons]

I did not want to go, but I trusted my dad. He kept telling me that it was going to be fun and everything would be OK. That didn’t make the ride less scary, it only reassured me that I was with someone who would keep me safe. After we pushed off, I still felt the dropping feeling in my stomach. I still felt the shaking of the toboggan as it sped down the track. I still wanted to throw up. The ride didn’t feel safe to my six old year senses, but I took comfort in knowing who I was with.

This is something we must understand about life with Jesus. There is a BIG difference between who He is and the life He invites us into. And this is where we often get confused.

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Welcome to the Blog

November 5, 2012 — 10 Comments


[Photo by Rameshng, Creative Commons]

Hi! My name is Luke. This is my new blog, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Please, pour a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. Here’s the backstory…

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to start writing more intentionally. There are a few reasons for this:

  • I speak regularly and want a chance to write about the topics I speak on.
  • I like to encourage people – especially Kingdom-minded creatives. I felt a blog would be a good venue for this.
  • I wanted a new challenge. Something I could do to fuel my own growth and creativity.

I’ve had other blogs before, but they mostly dissolved into random posts without any real purpose or direction. So, I wanted to make sure I did this one right. This has turned into months of deep thought and prayer…

I did my homework.
I read some books.
I checked my motives.
I chose a direction.
I had a friend take some sweet photos.
I decided on a blog platform and a web host.
I poked around at my design.
I got all of the right plugins and digital accessories.
I tweaked.
I tweaked.
I tweaked.

Just recently, I noticed it’s been nearly six months since I’ve been working on this. I came to the painful realization that what I have been calling the hard work of “tweaking” has actually been glorified verbiage for stalling.

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