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Before I explain the title of this post, let me set up this video.

This last year, Rich Mullins, the late singer-songwriter became one of my heroes. Yes, I’m referring to the guy who wrote “Awesome God.” Growing up, I was never a huge fan of his music, but after I read his biography, I realized he embodied nearly everything I’m chasing after.

He was a humble man who encoutered the fierce and fiery love of God and from that place he produced great art (for his time). He loved his neighbor deeply and was never concerned with impressing people. He was a man that could not fit easily into categories.

With that said, this video clip is Rich talking in a moment of vulnerability just before he sings his song “Step by Step”. Here, he talks about the love of God and the kind of art God makes.

If you don’t have time to watch this video, here’s a little excerpt you can read.

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Running Blind

Today, another year ends.  As we seek to finish the year well, have you ever wondered how the Father feels about your journey with Him?

I found this photo over at and was inspired by Carlos’ words.  This photo was taken at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. Blind Brazilian runner Terezinha Guilhermina and her guide Guilherme Soares de Santana are crossing the finish line to win the gold medal in the Women’s 100m T11 final. In this photo, she isn’t aware that she won yet, but her guide is erupting in celebration. Continue Reading…

Periods of Rest

December 28, 2012 — Leave a comment


As I’ve been doing my best to enjoy time with my family and time off during the holiday season, I haven’t been posting or writing as much this week. The time off has been good for my soul and I always underestimate how much rest I really need.

Reminds me of how music is not defined just by the notes, but the rests between the notes.  The rhythm and space is what makes music beautiful.  I’m doing my best to find good rhythms for own life, too.

I can’t wait to launch into 2013, and there are a ton of great things coming, but for now, it’s time to hang out for a bit.  As Ovid said “What is without periods of rest will not endure.”

Thanks to everyone has been reading along since November.  Your encouragement has been HUGE for me!

RE-POST: This entry was from my old blog.  Since the world has not yet ended, I thought I’d share it again here during the Christmas season.

Advent is a beautiful time of the year.  The word “advent” actually comes from the Latin word adventus meaning “arrival”.  Historically, this is a time set aside to remind ourselves how the Jews must have felt as they awaited the arrival of Messiah.  In like manner, we are filled with longing and expectation as we await the second coming of Jesus.  However, as we wait, we celebrate the truth that the Presence of God is here, with us.  His kingdom is breaking in with joy, peace, and hope.

Sun over earth

Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Creative Commons

This last week, I was preparing for a talk at Vinelife, and I stumbled on an interesting historical nugget.  I never knew why we celebrated Christ’s birth at the end of December.  I figured it was an arbitrary day picked by the wise old men who canonized the Bible sometime in the Middle Ages.

It turns out that originally, the Christians were celebrating Christ’s birth on Three Kings Day which was January 6th.  At the same time, there were pagans that celebrated Winter Solstice at the end of December.  Winter Solstice is the time when the sun reaches it’s southernmost point of the year (in the northern hemisphere).  After this day, our days get brighter and brighter.  The pagans actually called it the day of the “Unconquered Sun”, because it was a sign that the sun could not be defeated.  So, Christians would celebrate Christ’s birth just a couple of weeks after this pagan sun holiday.

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What we conquer for ourselves through art is from God, divine inspiration…Every genuine creation of art is independent, mightier than the artist himself, and through it’s manifestation, returns to the Divine. With man it has only this in common: That it bears testimony to the meditation of the Divine in him.

L.V. Beethoven



On the Divine Nature of Art

Henry David Thoreau

November 16-17, 2012 | Vinelife Church in Boulder, CO

Friends!  If you are in town next weekend, please consider coming to the Resound Conference.

Resound has been a centerpiece of my personal journey for the last four years.  This is not only because I’m part of the team that hosts the event, but it really is an unreal experience to gather with friends, family, worshippers, and creatives for the purpose of seeking God & building friendships.  There will be several hundred people from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, & more.  Here’s a few other reasons you should consider being there…

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Welcome to the Blog

November 5, 2012 — 10 Comments


[Photo by Rameshng, Creative Commons]

Hi! My name is Luke. This is my new blog, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Please, pour a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. Here’s the backstory…

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to start writing more intentionally. There are a few reasons for this:

  • I speak regularly and want a chance to write about the topics I speak on.
  • I like to encourage people – especially Kingdom-minded creatives. I felt a blog would be a good venue for this.
  • I wanted a new challenge. Something I could do to fuel my own growth and creativity.

I’ve had other blogs before, but they mostly dissolved into random posts without any real purpose or direction. So, I wanted to make sure I did this one right. This has turned into months of deep thought and prayer…

I did my homework.
I read some books.
I checked my motives.
I chose a direction.
I had a friend take some sweet photos.
I decided on a blog platform and a web host.
I poked around at my design.
I got all of the right plugins and digital accessories.
I tweaked.
I tweaked.
I tweaked.

Just recently, I noticed it’s been nearly six months since I’ve been working on this. I came to the painful realization that what I have been calling the hard work of “tweaking” has actually been glorified verbiage for stalling.

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