Midweek Roundup :: 12.5.12

December 5, 2012 — Leave a comment
  • Can’t wait for Les Miserables to be released. I was blown away when Jason showed me the behind the scenes version. Every actor is singing their part live. Unprecedented.
  • Speaking of Jason, he released a new song called “Open Invitation” this last week. It was a song co-written with Dave Wilton, Aaron Strumpel, & myself.
  • Not sure why, but I love this video. It’s a time lapse of 5 Hours of Airplanes Landing in 25 Seconds.
  • Still thinking about some of the great talks I heard at the Resound Conference. If you missed the conference but wanna hear the talks, you can download them for $20.
  • Proud of the Will Reagan & the United Pursuit community. Their record “Endless Years” was released yesterday and already hit the top 25 in all of iTunes. It’s a fantastic record and is deeply moving.

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