Yeah, I know this is an older video but it still gets me every time.

I love how as this man listens to music from his era, there is clearly something in him that is unlocked.  The music brings him back to the time when he was fully alive.

It makes me wonder what music and art I am currently experiencing that will leave that kind of imprint on me.  I wonder what I’ll look back on in my old age and remember of today.  What soundtracks will unlock my heart.

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  • Hi Luke :) this is great! I haven’t seen this video in ages. I am in a season where God is speaking to me through songs. Like super random songs. I decided to start a Tumblr to keep track of the lyrics He is using to speak to me so that I can go back and look when I need to.

  • That’s awesome Heather! Sounds like a great idea.