Music must become virile to express big things. It is not my purpose to supply a few pseudo intellectual musicians and critics with more food for brilliant argumentation, but rather to inspire all mankind with new heroism and spiritual nobility. This may appear to be sentimental and impossible to some, but it must be remembered that Palestrina, Handel, and Beethoven would not consider it either sentimental or impossible. In fact, the worthiest creative art has been motivated consciously or unconsciously by the desire for the regeneration of mankind.

– A credo by Alan Hovhaness presented at a Guggenheim fellowship (1941)

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On Greater Motives For Art

  • yes!!! i whole heartedly agree (and in the same breath am looking to hire a PR agent)!

  • Totally. Things have changed in the music biz a little since 1941. I’m pretty confident you can have good motives and still hire someone for PR!