seventh Could it be that God ‘feels’? Could God be capable of passion? Could God be excited or must He be austere? Are we comfortable with the image of God as Father and nervous about God as Lover (some of us even prefer God as Parent – less a personality, more an ideal). Are we happy to have God be the Creator, but scared to think of Him as being creative? Do we like God being an engineer, but balk at His being an artist? Does His being a logician ¬†comfort us, but His being a poet threaten us? Do we enjoy the glow of God’s light but shade ourselves from the heat of His flames? Does the idea that Jesus tolerated the sinful woman’s anointing of His feet and John resting his head on Jesus’ breast make us squirm, so the thought that Jesus enjoyed this makes us sick? How is it that we can accept Moses saw a bush that burned and was not consumed, yet we doubt that God can love in a rage and never cool?”

Rich Mullins
Excerpt from An Arrow Pointing To Heaven