IMG_1525Hey Friends,

buy accutane 40 mg online Megan and I are requesting prayer for Asher right now.  Last night, we had to take Asher to the Emergency Room because of trouble breathing, low oxygen, and an excessive rate of respiration.  They transferred him to St. Luke’s Presbyterian hospital in Denver where we will be with him for several days.  He is in somewhat stable condition as they run extra tests and take necessary precautions. Most likely, he obtained a virus that has become a bronchial infection.  Because he is only 6 days old, his body has to work much harder to fight it off.  His lungs are stressed and are working tirelessly to get air in and out.  He could be taken to the ICU later in the day. Again, the good news is he is stable, and in a safe place where they can monitor him.  No damage has been done, but it just takes time to for newborns to recover from such a virus.

availably We ask that you join us in praying to Jesus for complete and miraculous healing.  Pray for strength in his lungs and that this virus it flushed out quickly.  Also, we had a restless night with little sleep and we’ll need strength for the rest of the week.

Thanks for all of the love and support you all have shown us in the last week as we welcomed Asher into the world.  Now, please join us as we pray for a full recovery.  Please feel free to post prayers or Scriptures here for extra encouragement.

UPDATE: May 14th, 9:13 a.m.

Hey Friends,

Following up on my post yesterday, Asher is doing much better today. His breathing has normalized, and they are now trying to lower his oxygen intake to see how well he responds. The doctors were happy to see how well he’s been improving. Yesterday, the X-ray showed a couple small pockets of his lungs had collapsed, but they can give him treatments to open him back up. The doctors are saying his virus has reached it’s “peak” and he will start getting better from here. Again, it just takes time.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. We feel so loved and supported.

Megan and I camped out in the room on a queen sized air mattress that our awesome neighbors loaned to us. Last night was a surprisingly good night of sleep!

Continue to keep us in prayers.