buy Lyrica 150 mg online I’m excited for this upcoming where can i buy Lyrica in australia Resound: One Night coming on Friday, May 3rd.  We’ll be joined by friends Sean Feucht and Kristene DiMarco as we gather worshippers from all across the Front Range.

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Last year, I purchased Sean Feucht’s album “Songs For Nations” and it quickly became one of my favorite soundtracks for the year.  Though some of the musical stylings were a stretch for me, so many of the songs hit me in a deep place.  Each song on the album was written for a different nation.  Every place Sean would travel, the Lord would give words to sing back to that country.

My favorite track is the song written for Iraq/Iran called “There’s A Rest”.  It makes sense that he would write a song about God’s Rest to a war-torn nation.  This song also leveled me in a season of busyness, weariness, and endless activity.

Also, he wrote a song for N. Korea (where the death rate of Christians is astonishing) called “Finish What You Started”. The song is surprisingly fun. Sean describes the song in the video below…

If you’re in the area, make sure you get registered for this upcoming Resound:One Night.  It’ll be a good one!