Searching for Ourselves

January 14, 2015 — Leave a comment
Image Courtesy of Lightstock.

Image Courtesy of Lightstock.

A recap from my breakfast musings with Jarrod. (Disclaimer: It didn’t sound this good when we were talking)

Too often we spend our days endlessly searching for “our true selves”. Always looking to express our unique voice and extract a deep sense of meaning from our labor and relationships. While the exploration of our deepest identity is a critical part of our lives, the Christ follower derives motivation from a different place. Rather than begining and ending every day with the act of searching and finding, we rest in the thought that we’ve already been sought out and found. If the King of the universe has already done the exploratory work and fully found me, then what am I still trying to find in myself?

The pursuit of ourselves leads to anxiety and restlessness.

Yet somehow, in the pursuit of Christ, we not only get the fullness of Him, but we are in a roundabout way re-introduced to our real selves because we are completely known in Him.

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