Sermonize This.

April 10, 2013 — 5 Comments

Have you ever wanted to preach? Here’s your chance…

When I was in high school, one of my youth pastors would play a game with us to test our preaching skills. He’d point to a random object and then tell us to write a sermon on the spot, doing our best to use that item as our metaphor.

For example, if we were sitting a table in a restaurant he’d point to a salt shaker and say “Go”. At that point, one of us would start a three minute incoherent rambling about how Jesus said we’re the salt of the earth but sometimes you have to be shaken up a bit to realize what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Ouch.  I know.

But there you have it. That’s exactly how preachers do it. That’s the essence of every sermon you’ve heard in your life.

Now it’s your turn. We’re gonna throw down right here, right now.  This is a creative exercise that will put your exegetical prowess to the test.

Your mission it to take a look at the photo below and come up with a mini-sermon using roughly 300 words or less. It’s kind of like a caption contest, but with a cheesy life application. You can post your “sermon” in the comment section below.

Ready. Set. Go.


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  • Tim Smith

    Things are not always as they seem…

    Jesus cautions his followers in the book of Matthew chapter 7, that we should be careful to not judge others especially when we more often then not have a very limited perspective on any given situation. Take for example the photo above. What on the surface appears to be two young men about to bring harm to themselves and their grandfathers four wheeler is simply not the case. In fact, the young man driving is actually trying to recover his fathers stolen four wheeler. It was taken three days before this picture by an angry old lady with a very bad habit of stealing. The young man on the back is actually not the drivers brother, but rather the old lady’s partner in crime. He is not about to fall off the back as he appears, but rather He is attempting to kick the driver in the face.

    So remember, things are not always as they seem. Seek the wisdom of The Lord always as he brings clarity to every situation.

  • LOL! Great sermon. And way to break the ice.

    Btw, It was your dad you started this whole game. So cheers to P.T..

  • I don’t have a sermon… Just a “boy, that sounds familiar” story. I subscribed to your blog because of a mutual friend (Sara K) – and after reading this, I texted her and asked if PT happened to be your Youth Pastor… sure enough! I thought I remembered having this same conversation with him over my own dinner!

  • That’s awesome Nikki. Small world!

  • Ok, here goes my take…

    Friends, though a life a of sin looks like a fun and wild ride, it will surely end in disaster. Fortunately, Jesus is there to catch us when we fall. It’s just that sometimes, he looks like grandma. Amen.