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Last week, I wrote about the importance of personal growth and why that matters for the people in our lives.  When we grow, we give others a chance to grow.

I was then reminded of some of the places I’ve grown in this last season.  Thanks to social media, none of us will ever forget our early days – what we were doing, what we were thinking, or how we spent our time.  On Facebook, we can revisit years of history.  And just recently, Twitter made it possible to download your entire archive of tweets and retweets so you can track all of the ridiculous things you were saying just a short time ago.

Luke - We Will GoIt’s hard to believe, but the video above is only four years old.  It feels like a decade ago.

I was in a band called “Ellary” with Jason, John, & Sean and this video was shot during a short tour in the midwest. We filmed and edited this video in just a few hours.

Ridiculous? Yes.  Embarrassing? Not at all.  Would I do it again?  In a heart beat.

confusedly Things that have changed since then:

  1. I have less hair.
  2. My jeans are skinnier.
  3. Ellary broke up.  Though we sometimes pretend we are still on tour.
  4. I have a child, and am now a responsible adult. (Sometimes)
  5. Regretfully, we no longer have access to a large garage with checkered flooring.

Kochubeyevskoye Things that have stayed the same:

  1. Jason still pops out from behind bushes.
  2. I still play a Telecaster.
  3. I still can’t dance.

Ajman What of your shenanigans will the world remember forever?