order stromectol online Yesterday, I was talking to a friend about one of his recent trips to Israel. After doing his best to collect his thoughts and find a starting point, he mentioned that he wanted to be careful not to ruin the power and purity of the experience by staining it with words.

metonymically As he said this, I was immediately struck with how quickly I speak and how loosely I tend to use words. In an economy of words, we spend lavishly and have mostly lost the ability to be quiet and preserve the sanctity of moments.

Photo by crazthonfry, Creative Commons.

order stromectol online Photo by crazthonfry, Creative Commons.

What is it in us and around us that makes us feel the necessity to publish each instance via Facebook status update in order to preserve the moment? As another friend recently put it, “If a person goes for a jog and doesn’t tweet about it, did it really happen?”

Our generation is still trying to wrap our heads around the implications of social media. If we are to take a step towards maturity and meaningful dialogue, it’s important that we feel permission to not have to talk about the most precious moments in life.

Some things we happily share with our friends and invite them in to the experience. But we should all have moments we hold close and protect from the diluting power of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sometimes words only serve to belittle and stain the significance of a moment.

With that said, I’ve been blessed to have some profound experiences and conversations in the last two days. There is work happening in my heart. These moments matter enough to me that you will never hear about them.

http://eventi.fondazionesandropitigliani.it/36-cat/dating_24.html What about you? Do you hold any important moments that no one will hear about?