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At heart, I’m a full out geek. I like technology…sometimes too much. I need to warn you from the beginning, that this post is a bit “techy”. If that’s not you, feel free to swiftly close this window and get back to your day. :)

Recently, I posted some thoughts on the importance of writing.  Whether you consider yourself a “writer” or not is irrelevant.  Nearly every expression of creativity starts with getting our thoughts out of our brain and on to paper. Or as Dawson Trotman says, “letting your thoughts pass through your lips and fingertips”.  We all have things in our gut that we need to let out. And when we do it’s important we have the right tools on hand.

Photo from the Library of Congress.

Photo from the Library of Congress.

When writing, I’ve found there are times when the mojo is just there.  I sit down and can’t write fast enough to capture everything my heart is singing about.

But more often are the times where I’ll stare desperately at the blinking cursor not remembering how it is that sentences are formed.  These are the times that can lead to frustration and the occasional questioning of the purpose of life. In these moments, the last thing I want to do is write, so I’ll distract myself with ANYTHING I can possibly justify.  My eyes will constantly wander to new email notifications and social media icons. Even with other applications closed, I waste time changing fonts, sizes, and margins of the document I am working in.

Sound crazy?  I’m hoping you know what I’m talking about.

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