Bon Iver

OK.  It’s time to brag.

Bijapur What was the absolute, hands-down best show you’ve ever been to?  And what made it so memorable?

Here’s mine… October 15, 2000 Jimmy Eat Word, Pedro the Lion, & Death Cab for Cutie at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL; I was still in high school and drove three hours with some friends to Chicago to see these relatively unknown bands (at the time) play at bowling alley for a whopping $8.

Runner Ups –

scarcely May 31, 2012Bon Iver & Feist at Red Rocks; Beautiful evening, Perfect temperatures, and an impeccable mix.  May have teared just a bit.  Here’s a little video I captured. April 21, 2005U2 Vertigo Tour at the Pepsi Center; This was my first time seeing U2.  Megan got me tickets for my birthday, and we attended the 2nd night of a sold out show.  Everything about it was just right.  Definitely cried through a couple songs.  No shame.

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