What Was the Best Show You’ve Ever Been To?

March 5, 2013 — 14 Comments

Bon Iver

OK.  It’s time to brag.

What was the absolute, hands-down best show you’ve ever been to?  And what made it so memorable?

Here’s mine…

October 15, 2000 Jimmy Eat Word, Pedro the Lion, & Death Cab for Cutie at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL; I was still in high school and drove three hours with some friends to Chicago to see these relatively unknown bands (at the time) play at bowling alley for a whopping $8.

Runner Ups –

May 31, 2012Bon Iver & Feist at Red Rocks; Beautiful evening, Perfect temperatures, and an impeccable mix.  May have teared just a bit.  Here’s a little video I captured.

April 21, 2005U2 Vertigo Tour at the Pepsi Center; This was my first time seeing U2.  Megan got me tickets for my birthday, and we attended the 2nd night of a sold out show.  Everything about it was just right.  Definitely cried through a couple songs.  No shame.

Your turn.  Leave a comment below.

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  • Ryan Rivetto

    Hey I saw Pedro and Death cab on that same tour in 2000 in Arizona. Favorite show I’ve been to was maybe Sufjan Stevens in 2006 or a David Bazan house show.

  • Yes! I still haven’t seen Sufjan. Would love to see him some time. On my bucket list. :)

  • Sara DesGeorges

    I saw The Civil Wars here in Seattle. Unbelievable. Such pure and simple voices. I teared up multiple times. Best concert hands down for me.

  • Wow. I’m sure that was fantastic. I head they broke up. Is that true?

  • I haven’t been to mine yet…but, the Foo Fighters would be amazing…

  • I was a concert rat in college so that always makes this question especially hard. #1 U2: Obsessed with Bono I had pined for a U2 show since I was 10 years old. The best part about this show wasn’t the 8th row seats, it was the tip I got from a guy in the crowd that led me to Bono & Co. after the show — got to meet them, get autographs and even hang out and chat for a bit. Mouth agape, in total awe.

    #2 Doves: Ben and I fell in love to Last Broadcast and saw them at the now closed Gypsy Tea Room. True love makes for a killer show.

    #3 Three way tie between Nirvana & Black Keys before they got big in a crowd of less than 200 and my most recent transcendent experience at M83 in Dallas last Fall.

    Ah music…the stuff that makes the everyday a little amazing.

  • haven’t seen sufjan but i think andrew bird here at chautauqua a couple summers ago makes me ok with not seeing sufjan yet. that guy is pure talent.

  • Geez. I think you just played the trump card! You got to meet Bono and the Edge?? Wow. That would be hard to top!

  • Also, I was a big Doves fan too right when Some Cities came out. Never saw them though.

  • Totally. I’d love to see them too.

  • they were incredibly nice, patient and humble guys. bono is shorter than you can even imagine though…which shattered my hopes of us getting married. that and the fact that he was already married. he barely come up to my chest. like a leprechaun that guy!

  • LOL! Yeah I could see how that would be disappointing. It’s almost like you’d be expecting him to crawl up on your lap and give you a hug.

  • John Cullimore

    Luke, I gotta agree… that concert you mentioned (that I attended with you) was one of my favorites, ever.

  • Hey man! That’s right! I forgot who all I was with. I don’t think any of us knew how epic that night would turn out.