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What happens when you’re on a course and someone thinks you’re wrong? How do respond when someone finds a hole in the way you’ve been doing things?

How you handle criticism says a lot about you, your maturity, and your creative journey.

For instance, I recently read on Stuff Christians Like that it’s cliché for Christian writers to have “the intersection” of blah blah blah in your blog title.

Examples –  bodas de namoro 1.8 Exploring the Intersection of Faith & Plumbing orⅡ A Deeper Look At the Intersection of Jesus & Garden Gnomes.

Dang.  That stings.  Pretty funny though.

So, it look like I have 4 options….

  1. I could get angry, super defensive, and not do anything.
  2. I could feel insecure, react, and change my title immediately.
  3. I could get discouraged, decide I don’t know what I’m doing, and use this an excuse to give up.
  4. I could evaluate the criticism, chuckle at myself, write a blog post about it, and keep moving forward.

buy provigil by cephalon As a rhetorical question – Which of these options would be your natural response?

When it comes to our creative journeys, our labor, our art, our ambitions – none of us have it right ALL of the time.
There is always something you can be doing better.
There is always someone who thinks you and your ambitions are cliché.
There is always a study, statistic, or commentary on why what you are doing is dumb and won’t work.
There is always an expert of devil’s advocate ready to point out your shortcomings. When you run into these things, what is your default response?

Do you freak out and get insecure?
Do you let it bog you down?
Or do you learn what you can and keep moving forward?

If you’re waiting to move forward until everyone likes you and agrees with you, you will never doing anything important.

Yes, be humble and learn everything you can.
But stick with who you are. Go with your instincts. And keep moving forward.

When was the last time someone told you that you were wrong?  How did you respond?