buy Pregabalin online Last week, I posted some thoughts on why limitations are not our enemy.  When it comes to the life we want to live and the dreams we want to see realized, we often get trapped in a poverty mindset and can be convinced that we don’t have what we need to make our next move.  This thinking leaves us in a place of stagnancy and becomes a deadly limitation in itself. The day after I published that post, my good friend (and next door neighbor!) sent me this video which is a teaser for an upcoming documentary called Landfill Harmonic.  It’s about a group of kids from Paraguay who collect trash from landfills and turn them into classical instruments.  What some see as garbage, others see as a beautiful.

This video is a PERFECT illustration of what can happen when we allow ourselves to see everything as a possibility. canonically  I am continuing to see that Christ-centered living and creativity collide in the places where we can take hold of the scraps of our lives and transform them into something beautiful. It’s about breathing life into each day.

A couple highlights from the video…

  • “The world sends us garbage.  We send back music.”
  • “People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly.  Well, we shouldn’t throw away people either.”